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Need a jump start? Don't get caught out with a flat battery!

Updated: May 20, 2020

Staying at home to avoid the virus or just not doing as many journeys? If you hate the lockdown, spare a thought for your car battery - the feeling is mutual.

Your car battery is often overlooked but is at the heart of all your vehicle’s electrical systems and the only source of power to get your car started. Flat batteries are one of the main reasons for breakdown calls in the UK, especially on cold mornings or after long periods on no driving, and you’ll only really know something is wrong when your car doesn’t start and that’s never convenient. What’s more, the growth of in-car technology such as satellite navigation systems and other electronic gadgetry are placing greater strain on your car’s battery and charging system which can lead to premature battery failure.

Reasons why your car battery might be going flat

Here are some of the main causes of flat batteries:

  • If your vehicle has not been used for a long time, the battery may have naturally lost its charge over time.

  • Something may have been left switched on, such as the headlights or a car alarm, which has drained the battery.

  • Car batteries don’t like the cold so on a freezing winter morning, your battery will only have limited charge available. If your battery is a few years old, your car may struggle to start in such conditions.

  • You only use your car for short journeys, therefore your battery never receives a full charge. This will shorten the life of your battery and reduce its ability to hold charge.

  • The vehicle has a faulty component which is still drawing power from the battery even when the engine is turned off. Alternatively your battery charging system may have developed a fault.

  • Your alternator may be faulty and need replacing. The alternator is the component responsible for charging your car battery when the engine is running.

  • Your battery terminals may have come loose or have a build up of dirt preventing a clean connection.

  • If your battery keeps going flat it may simply mean that it has reached the end of its life and needs replacing for a new car battery. A standard car battery will last an average of five years.

Don’t leave it until your car won’t start, at MKD Automotive our fully-trained technicians will carry out a free and thorough check of your battery starting and charging systems using the latest Snap-On testing equipment. We’ll check your battery’s performance against the manufacturer’s specification and let you know of any issues and inform you of any parts that need replacing now or in the near future.

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