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Book a Free Windscreen Wiper Inspection online now.

Your windscreen wipers are essential to safe driving - clearing rain and dirt from your windscreen and ensuring you can see the road ahead (and behind) clearly. Like many parts of your car, wiper blades deteriorate over time and should be checked regularly. 


If your windscreen wipers are no longer working effectively, don’t leave it until another downpour severely reduces your visibility, call into MK Diagnostics. We stock replacement wiper blades to fit the widest range of vehicle makes and models.

A clear view of the road ahead

At any time of year, muck and grime can quickly build up on your windscreen. During the winter months dirt from wet and sleety roads is propelled into the air by the tyres of passing vehicles or the car in front making visibility very difficult in a short space of time. While the summer months generally see less inclement weather, this can lead to an accumulation of dry dirt & dust and your view can be obscured due to a build-up of bugs hitting the windscreen, particularly when driving at speed on motorways. In either case, you’ll want to be able to clean your windscreen quickly and easily so you can see the road ahead clearly.   

When to replace your windscreen wipers

We generally recommend that you replace your wiper blades every 12 months to ensure they continue to provide maximum visibility.


However, if your windscreen wipers exhibit any of the following behaviours, it may suggest you have a problem and you should get your windscreen wipers checked out.

  • Wiper blades leave streaks on the windscreen

  • Some parts of the windscreen are left wet and dirty

  • Wiper blades have visible cracks and splits in the rubber edge or ‘squeegee’ 

  • Wiper blade is not making contact with the windscreen 

  • Wipers judder and no longer move smoothly over the windscreen

  • Wipers make a lot of noise and squeal when they pass over the windscreen

Ineffective windscreen wipers can result in an MOT failure, so make sure you check and replace your damaged wipers before taking your MOT test.


Windscreen wipers at MKD Automotive.

At MKD Automotive we stock a wide range of replacement windscreen wiper blades to fit most cars and vans including standard wiper blades, new style flat wiper blades, rear wiper blades and spoiler wiper blades to reduce ‘wiper lift’. New wiper blades can sometimes be awkward and fiddly to fit. At MKD Automotive we take the hassle out of windscreen wiper replacement and can source the right wiper blades for your vehicle and fit them for you – no appointment necessary, just pop in to MKD Automotive.


Windscreen Wipers.
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